Keor: Mythological storytelling -
Montepellier was founded in 985 BC. and is a contrasting university city with old and new architecture about each other. Victor A. Miranda-Martin is from that town and plays a very interesting eclectic prog drained music. The music have many contrasts and elements from classical heavy metal, psychedelic rock, folk music, ambient music, vocal music, orchestral music and more. Keor is the chosen project name of multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Victor Miranda-Martin. Keor’s music combines heavy guitar sounds with ambient, jazz and world folk sounds into classic progressive rock compositions driven by mythological storytelling. Keor’s debut album, Hive Mind, was released in 2016 and now two years later the second album Petrichor is released. It`s obvious that Miranda-Martin is a very skilled musician and he sings very good. In addition three of his musical friends contribute on the new record. Link: Facebook Relatert