Open Surgery: After Birth Abortion -
Pure precision surgical death metal might probably sounds very exciting for many death metal fans!? The Swedish band Open Surgery offer such death metal, and the new EP After Birth Abortion will be released on monday. Open Surgery is a band that plays death metal without making it unnecessary complicated. After Birth Abortion continues along the same path as the band’s two previous full-length albums. The band was founded six years ago in Finspång a village ! Even if the band is coming from Sweden they plays a music inspired of the Florida death metal scene. Open Surgery deliver on the new EP exactly want their fans expect, old school death metal. If I did not know better so could the music have been retrieved right out from the late 80’s. The band is brutal and play death metal from the underground without ignoring trends and with nothing new. Only very solid death metal many fans would say I guess?! Fed To Insict from Open Syrgery last album. Link: Facebook Relatert