Tacita Intesa: Unpredicable -
The Casentino Valley is rich with history, art, good food and outdoor activities. Based on this there are perhaps no surpris that the town Casentino can offer a very nice prog band named Tacita Intesa?! The band is unpredictable with a mixture of aggressive riffs, pressing rhythms and spatial passages, with the right dose of odd times signatures. The texts, in Italian, are in tune with the dreamy melodic lines, which adapt well to the sound of the group. Four days ago Tacita Intesa released Faro their sophomore album the sequel to the self-titled debut four years ago. Tacita Intesa were born in 2012, thanks to five guys in love with progressive rock. The five piece was ready to put themselves in play and propose harmonious but also overbearing music. Much of the formation was already there before 2008, but with Alessandro Granelli (lead singer and guitarist) the band entered definitively in the progressive genre. Thanks to the keyboards and the Hammond organ of Daniele Stocchi, they band create spatial sounds, definitely influenced by the 1970s. The melodies flow down thanks to the guitar of Filippo Colongo (the founder of the group). The bass of Thomas Crocini and the drums [...]