Absence Betrayal: Music from the tundra! -
Irkutsk is one of the largest cities in Siberia, and in the winter it is quite cold there. Whether it was the cold that led to the foundation of the band Absence Betrayal, I do not know. But during the first months of this year the band Absence Betrayal was established. The band plays an exciting and creative atmospheric black metal/death metal. Already the band is soon ready to release their debut album Emotions. Absence Betrayal it’s when emotions, experiences and morality entwining together, creating a live extreme music unit. Every song from this band is a separate and sad history with its philosophical implication and sense. The band was created as a studio project of one man (vocalist Andrey Baranov) but actual themes and music quickly found the response, so there came a desire to play this music live. Emotions is an album that contains lots of extreme music genres. It’s an elusive edge between sacrificial love and consuming hat, a moment between luxurious life and suffering death. It’s enjoying the beauty of divine nature through the human sins. Link: Facebook Relatert