El Tubo Elástico: A melting pot -
Three years ago the band El Tubo Elástico released their self tittled debut, and now they are back with more interesting, well played and creative music on their sophomore album Impala. El Tubo Elástico is an instrumental rock band from Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz, Spain). The band members had been playing together and with other bands for a time but are now focusing on El Tubo Elástico. Their influences are diverse, taking in progressive, symphonic, space rock, math rock and post rock as well as elements of funk, psychedelia, electronic and psy-ambient. Truly a melting pot! The musical brew the band comes up with is very appealing, fresh and tasty. The merger of these various styles has been achieved through an open creative process in which each musician contributes to ideas during improvisations. The selection and evolution of these improvisations give birth to the songs. This organic process has allowed El Tubo Elástico: to develop a powerful and live progressive rock style, while still keeping their characteristic sound! From the previous album, Link: Facebook Relatert