Quintessente: Great interaction -
It probably happened a lot in Rio de Janeiro in 1994? One important music happening was that the metal Quintessente was born. The band was a reference for its varied and unique metal, full of heavy and atmospheric climates, influenced by doom, gothic, death, heavy metal and progressive rock. In this musical line, two works were released: the demo tape The Mask of Dead Innocence (1996) and the EP Lonely Seas of a Dreamer (1999). Then, it was fourteen years of inactivity until the gathering at the end of 2015, culminating with the launch of the new album Songs From Celestial Spheres. Songs From Celestial Spheres are the long-awaited debut album offering heavy and atmospheric moments. Each of the 10 tracks is different concerning chemical structure, age, mass, luminosity and magnitude. The lyrical theme is based on existentialism and the reflection on the forces that rule the human nature. Cristiano Dias on guitars and Cristina Müller on keyboards combine the keyboards and guitar effectively, and the interaction is well worth listening to. Quintessente are, André Carvalho on vocals, Cristiano Dias on guitars, Cristina Müller on keyboards and vocals, Leo Birigui on drums, and Luiz Fernando De Paula plays bass. Link: Facebook [...]