Leap Day: Dutch celebration -
Timelapse is a 2018 compilation by Dutch band Leap Day, celebrating their 10th anniversary. The album featuring three previously unreleased tracks. Leap Day is a sextet with two keyboards player, and that more than indicate that there are plenty of tangents in the sound picture. Leap Day first album Awaken The Muse is considered of many as their best. The events leading up to the band formation started when the drummer Koen Roozen (Flamborough Head) had been looking for musicians with a desire to play symphonic rock to cooperate with, and in his search met keyboardist Derk Evert Waalkens (King Eider) who also were looking for like-minded musicians. Shortly after vocalist Jos Harteveld (Pink Floyd Project) joined this so far unnamed project. Roozen and Waalkens then started discussing the possibilities of performing the King Eider material at Progfarm 2007. Guitarist Hans Gerritse (King Eider) liked this idea and hooked up for this project, along bassist Peter Stel (Nice Beaver). They needed another keyboard player for this gig though, and Gert Van Engelenburg was asked to join. After a very successful gig at the ProgFarm festival in 2007 a record deal with OSKAR Records Poland was signed later this year. Gerritse [...]