Conquer that Fear of Flying | Paul Milham Hypnotherapy
A fear of flying is surprisingly common and very challenging. Whilst our intellectual minds may tell us that there is nothing to fear, our primitive minds can go on thinking the worst. Many will point out that we are a lot more unsafe in a car... That a driver of a car only has to take a basic written and skills test whilst a pilot undergoes years of rigorous training and assessment. Many may point out that statistically air travel is the safest form of transportation yet someone in the grip of a phobia will never hear this logic. Whether you are afraid of take-off, landing, mechanical failure, heights, claustrophobia or pilot error the fear of planes can be, for some, over-whelming. Family holidays are cancelled, holidays with friends discarded and a whole world of travel potential dismissed. This can lead to turmoil, frustration, anger or anxiety... Fortunately, many are shocked at how easy phobias like this are to solve in, sometimes, just 3 hour long sessions - just check out this