7 Things all Sportsmen and Sportswomen should know about Hypnotherapy | Paul Milham Hypnotherapy
Ever wanted to be the best you can be in sports? From golf stars such as Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus to boxers such as Kevin McBride, the top sport performers know the benefits of hypnotherapy in helping them achieve greatness. Here are 7 amazing reasons as to why hypnotherapy can be so beneficial whatever your sports discipline. 1) It turns your reactions into responses We are not born knowing how to drive a golf ball onto the putting green or sink the black ball into the far right pocket. These are skills that our brain has to learn. The more you throw a ball to a child the better they will become at catching. This is because the brain will start to learn from the random reactions of our bodies to make an intricate formula for success. Suddenly our lightning reactions to catch will be mapped out in the neural pathways of our brains making this skill more of a controlled response - this is a process that hypnotherapy encourages. 2) It improves confidence