10 Amazing reasons why Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help with Anxiety. | Paul Milham Hypnotherapy
If you are suffering from anxiety, stress or depression, the range of therapeutic interventions can be quite mindboggling. From CBT to counselling to Mindfulness, the therapy world is strewn with a myriad of different options. Many people choose hypnotherapy because it has stood the test of time and that decades of success can vouch for its effectiveness. Now, however, the world of hypnotherapy is splintering even more and one options is a fairly new but highly effective hypnotherapy that is gaining traction. The results that solution focused hypnotherapy are achieving are staggering and here are ten reasons why… It focuses on the future, not the past Many people come to a therapist wanting to change their future and not dwell on the reasons why they became anxious in the first place. In fact, Solution Focused Therapists believe that a constant focus on the problem actually reinforces the anxiety that you are trying to banish. A Solution Focused Hypnotherapist doesn't look at where you