Would you mix fibers as you create ?
Women are super creative and love motivates their best designs. How about mixing yarn textures and diverse fibers to make something spectacular? For example mixing acrylic with cotton or bamboo with wool? Even though it could have stunning results, I do not think it to be advisable and here are some of reasons: The different fibers have various components in their structure: Acrylic is a synthetic pliable, soften soft and expandable similar to natural wool. But it reacts and wear differently over time, has another tendency as you wash it. Bamboo, a natural fiber, doesn't shrink and the texture is not very “giving”. Silk is either natural or synthetic. The texture very fine and molds itself easy into a given shape. Cotton is durable and can take a lot of abuses. There are many other yarns and thread and I could one day write a blog about explaining them all. Because of different texture they have the tendency wear and wash differently. Whatever you design, you have to be