Attachment Parenting Regret #1 - Parent
The term “Attachment Parenting” is relatively new … but the practice of gentle and nurturing parenting to promote development of Human Attachment according to Bowlby’s Attachment Theory has been around for a long time. The great news is that I would “Attachment Parent” all over again! The greater news is that I know my regrets as an Attachment Parent … I see where the concept was not yet fully formed. I see where a deeper understanding of the process of Attachment Formation in children is more complex than I even imagined. Now I can reflect on my regrets, to develop them into deeper interpretations of Attachment Parenting … to move beyond regret and into deeper levels of parenting success and achievement. I embraced what is now known as Attachment Parenting during the 1980s. It was not the fad, and sometimes we felt like foreigners in a strange land as we affirmed a nurturing child rearing philosophy. We spoke in positive terms to our children. We never said “no” … we never had to. We always communicated in the positive with our children. “Hold an adult’s hand when you cross the street” and “Keep away from the hot stove.” It was [...]