Voices from Mosul by World Food Programme on Exposure
Updated 24 November WFP continues to follow frontlines in Mosul by delivering life-saving food assistance to families in camps and newly retaken areas. Since the onset of the Mosul offensive in October, WFP and its partners have provided ready-to-eat food to more than 196,000 people affected by the conflict. Behind kilometres of barbed wire, a sea of people sit huddled among multicoloured mattresses, blankets, boxes of utensils and overflowing bags of clothes. Two men carrying a heavy metal stove attempt to navigate their way through the crowds and piles of possessions. “We wanted to be sure we would be able to cook here,” one of them says. “We have to make this feel like home for a time.” “Home” is now Khazer camp, a safe haven for over 6,000 Iraqis who have fled the fighting in Mosul, just 45 kilometres away. Most have arrived from the city's Gogjali neighbourhood, in the first significant wave of people displaced from their homes since the start of the offensive on 17th October. Although the area was recaptured by the Iraqi Security Forces, intense fighting left many with no choice but to leave – and do it quickly.