#IamSyrian: Muhannad’s Garden by World Food Programme on Exposure
Story by Shaza Moghraby Muhannad Balkhi’s obsession with science has evolved into a lush vegetable garden in the middle of a Jordanian desert – a small oasis for Muhannad and his family after they fled the conflict in Syria. Now other residents of the camp are following his example. Muhannad spent most of his childhood playing in his family’s farm, mesmerized about how something as tiny as a seed could grow into a colourful tree. After graduating from high school with top marks, Muhannad decided to pursue his passion and study science at university. “Everything I could ever want I had. But then the war happened.”He worked as a science teacher for a few years after graduating but like many other young men his age, he decided to give up a career in education for the sake of an office-based job that offered higher pay. “I had a good job. I met and married the girl of my dreams, Nahed, and a year later we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Mayas, and then my boy Murad. Everything I could ever want I had. But then the war happened.”