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Dan Siegel is the Lawyer Other Lawyers Call for Advice, and so should you. Dan has represented families in a wide range of matters (including workers' compensation, personal injury and medical malpractice claims, as well as will and real estate matters) for over 23 years. Dan has also provided legal guidance to businesses, drafted wills and powers of attorney and helped his clients buy and sell homes and condominiums throughout his career. Dan has also been an advocate for his workers' compensation and other personal injury clients. After working in Philadelphia his entire career, Dan decided to leave the daily commute behind and open his law office in Havertown (around the corner from his home in Haverford Township), where he can provide legal services for his friends and neighbors -- at a reasonable cost. In other words, you can hire a "Philadelphia Lawyer" without having to travel to Philadelphia. Dan Siegel's Havertown office is centrally located (just minutes from Philadelphia