VIDEO clip: Just Do It (5.14c) | Paige Claassen
On a random day last May, I climbed to the top of one of my proudest ascents thus far. There were no photographers dangling from fixed lines, no tripods set up on the hillside. I was in project mode, but otherwise it was just a casual day at the crag with friends. Something clicked that day, and I decided not to let go. I fought hard, and apparently some passersby on the overlook above noticed my yelps and whimpers (now referred to by friends as "muppeting") and decided to film. From what I understand, they weren't climbers, they just noticed a scene going down that seemed worth documenting. If I passed someone making these noises whilst partaking in sport, I would likely whip out my camera as well. I'm not proud of these noises, but they've somehow evolved over the past year or two, and I make them frequently when I try my hardest. If they get me to the top, I suppose I don't mind. This video begins about halfway through the crux of Just Do It, at the hueco jug that splits the most