Triangular Lake | Paige Claassen
While in Russia, we're supporting Women's World Banking, which helps low income women access financial services, including small business microloans so they can independently support their families. Due to NGO restrictions, Women's World Banking is not currently active in Russia, however they are the only global network that focuses on women. Women's World Banking has served over 19 million clients, and 73% of those are women who now benefit from insurance, savings, and small business loans. Help me raise $10,000 for Women's World Banking on my Crowdrise page. Donate $27 or more and you'll be entered into a monthly raffle to win a Marmot tent! Deep in the forests of Russia, near the Finnish border, sits Triangular Lake. Walking through the thick rows of trees on soft mossy carpet, there are no rocks in sight. But step just a few meters off the path, and suddenly piles of beautiful granite boulders break up shades of green. Their invisibility in the dark forest only adds to the magic of