To Bolt or Not to Be | Paige Claassen
I began climbing when I was 9 years old. I only wanted to climb in the gym and compete, because climbing outside was scary, uncomfortable, and just not as much fun. I didn't know anything about grades, and my knowledge about the sport in general was quite limited, but one thing was certain. Climbing 5.14 meant I would need to learn to scale dry wall. I didn't have many climbing "heros" when I began climbing. I looked up to the older kids on my climbing team, but didn't know much beyond the Estes Park Climbing Gym. Fortunately, fellow Estes Park local Tommy Caldwell popped into my secluded gym world one day when he came in to sign posters for the team. That poster of Tommy on To Bolt or Not to Be stuck with me for the next 13 years. Until I started climbing outside nearly 8 years later, 5.14 meant no holds, stick to the wall like spider man. This past weekend, I climbed the only route that I've cared to complete since I was little. To Bolt was an important milestone for me in many