The Earl of Ginger Cupcakes | Paige Claassen
I've never liked Earl Grey Tea. I think it's boring. And Earl makes me think of the horrid Dixie Chicks song Earl's Gotta Die. Quite the contrary, Earl Grey II was a strapping young voyager who delighted in exquisite teas (just read the back of the box). So, seeing as I'm the only one who doesn't like Earl Grey, I thought I would attempt to meet the expectations of my friends by creating an Earl Grey cupcake. I also figured I'd probably like Earl a lot better in sweetened baked good form. With ginger on top. "Paige once told me she wasn't a fan of Earl Grey tea because it tasted plain and boring. In a impressive display of skill, she took this classic but somewhat conservative tea and created a delightfully tasty cake. The Earl Grey in the cake is flavorful enough to be recognized, and enhanced by subtle sweetness. The ginger frosting is a perfect compliment to the cake and adds spice to the cautious notes of Earl. Prime Minister Grey would have been proud of these little cakes."