Operation B.O. | Paige Claassen
Body odor. Not the topic of this post, but c'mon people – showers aren't the end of your calluses, so let's try to keep things fresh. Branching Out. My dear friend Lisa, aka Queen Crimpinista, introduced me to Operation Branch Out in the year 2010. Lisa is one of those friends whose laughter, wit, and inextinguishable smile spill over into the lives of everyone around her. But it wasn't until this past month that I truly began to embrace her absurd idea. Branch Out requires participating operatives to humbly, if not reluctantly, guide their attentions away from a given project of fixation. During this brave exploration of new territory, operatives will likely encounter unfamiliar holds, unrehearsed sequences, fear of the unknown, and in rare cases, personal fulfillment, contentment, and enjoyment. These possible confrontations offer an alternative to scenarios frequently piqued while projecting, including but not limited to: continual and cumulative bruising of the skin; continual and