Kite Surfing as Training for 2015 Goals | Paige Claassen
As I rang in the New Year on an overnight flight from London to South Africa to visit Arjan, I considered my upcoming goals. Short Term: - Learn to kite surf - Easy trad routes on Table Mountain - Check out Where I Stood, a 5.14b sport route in Montagu - Eat loads of seafood Long Term: - 5.14d sport - V12 boulder - 5.13c trad - Bolt and make the first ascent of a 5.14 sport line There was, quite obviously, a stark contrast between the two sets – one a vague vacation bucket list, the other slightly haunting in it's unforgiving numerical rigidity. But why not attempt my most challenging objectives after loosing all my calluses in the ocean? Surely kite surfing would help me maintain the power I'd built over the last months. At least I'd be tan. Or sun burned. Regardless, I was eager to embrace the heat, see what water sports were all about, and mission with Arjan on the coast. So we began, each day an opportunity to choose a different adventure. Learn to fly the kite in