Just Do It | Paige Claassen
I remember the first time I ever tried hard. Like really really hard. Hard as in you know that in one single moment, every molecule of your body has aligned to give you superhero abilities. It was 2010 during a day of rock scrambling at the Monastery with Jonathan Siegrist, who I actually credit for teaching me to try hard (he just sent his first 5.15a by the way, Realization, no big deal). I didn't consider that I needed to engage every muscle in one grand concerto, I just really wanted to grab that next crimp. This was the first time I ever made a noise while climbing, even just a tiny mouse squeak. And I stuck that crimp. Since that day, I've worked on convincing myself to try hard every time I go out climbing - to engage not only muscles, but also coordination and a desire to stay on the wall, all at once. Those who know me can attest to my lack of coordination, so this is pretty much a daily struggle. Just Do It was the culmination of all those years of practice. No more half