How Do You Define Victory? | Paige Claassen
vic·to·ry noun \ˈvik-t(ə-)rē\ : achievement of mastery or success in a struggle or endeavor against odds or difficulties One of the first times I ever tried climbing, I wanted to hop straight on the overhanging roof in the Estes Park Climbing Gym. When you're nine years old, you ignore the suggestions to try the easier wall, and you jump on that roof with all your nine year old might. I did not achieve mastery in my endeavor against that roof, at least not victory as a seasoned climber would describe victory. But I doubt my aim in tackling that wall was to get to the top in flawless form and style, without falls, hangs, practice laps on toprope, stick clip assist at the first bolt, or sussing the living daylight out of every ounce of micro beta. I doubt I cared whether my wardrobe was properly chosen as a contrast to the rock color in order that my photographer could capture the obviously unstaged moment in all its natural form. I wasn't going to rush home and log my ascent on