The Internet, it’s a helluva town; the news is up, but the newsies are down (The Economist) | The next miracle (v11.2): Owen Youngman
(T)he plight of the news business does not presage the end of news. As large branches of the industry wither, new shoots are rising. The result is a business that is smaller and less profitable, but also more efficient and innovative. via The news business: Tossed by a gale | The Economist. New sources of news are proliferating online. Many, it is true, are unreliable. Most are badly funded. Some are the rantings of deranged extremists. But some—like Muckety, an American site which enriches news stories with interactive maps of the protagonists’ networks of influence, and NightJack, the revealing and depressing blog of an anonymous British policeman, which won the Orwell prize last month—enhance society’s understanding of itself, and could not have existed in the old world. From the same issue, a leader: Media: The rebirth of news | The Economist. Many of the hard lessons being learned around the industry this year and last are assembled in one place in these pieces from The