Diary of a SAHD – Week 3 | Kiwi IT Geek
Babies are really mini evil masterminds I have decided. Just as you think you got them into a routine BAM! they go and change it up on you. Rory has decided that this is the week to start sleeping through the night, which is FANTASTIC but then waking at 0530 and talking to himself at elevated volumes, not so great. All things considered though we are so lucky to have a totally chilled baby that just rolls with his parents craziness. This week we attended our first coffee group without Ainsley. Attended and hosted it has to be said. I admit to having a few nerves about it, having never actually sat in on one for more than 10 minutes. Got to say though, it was very relaxed and no discussions that may have caused blushes! Part of me was expecting to hear 'women's issues' thrown about (not that there is anything wrong with that) but no it was all about the babies and general life. School holidays started of course, and Lachlan is hanging out with us for both weeks. Has been great for both