Are you the crazy person in the room? | Kiwi IT Geek
Just like that the last day was upon us. After the previous few days and the AMAZING conference dinner it was no surprise to see tumbleweeds blowing down the main corridor first thing in the morning. But, as we do, by 845 the space was filling up with the same high-intensity energy that is one of the defining qualities of this conference. I sat in on Martin Littlers keynote first up which was aptly named '1990 to 2020'. It was a trip down memory lane looking at where Assistive Technology has come from and a few predictionsfor the next 5 years. Now technically it was Martin's keynote, but from the start Michael O'Leary (the Spectronics MD, founder) was an integral part of the proceedings, setting the scene early on by admitting they were taking 'the old farts' keynote. We all looked back fondly at the good old days of the TRS80 and Apple2 computers. And who could forget the original Lightwriter from 1973. We raced through the decades, pausing occasionally to reflect on how the rapid