Year In Review 2017 – The Series |
I am about to do something I find utterly pretentious when I see it done by others, and I fear that there is no amount of self-deprecation, witty observations, or insightful tidbits that can save what follows from being both obtuse and narcissistic. However, after several agonizing seconds of self-reflection, and a rather long conversation about a current project, it became clear that I should do the dreaded "year-in-review" post. I've decided not to just do one blog post, but rather a series (the length of which is still not determined), that focuses on major projects we undertook, themes this year has adopted, tips, tricks, and the evolution of our style etc. So to finish off this first post let me lay a few ground rules: 1. I want what follows to be encouraging to artists, specifically filmmakers, who have felt frustrated in the pursuit of their careers. If you are any sort of artist you have chosen one of the most difficult and convoluted career paths possible, more so if you are a