How Not To Start A Year |
Continuing on with "Year In Review The Series," I figure we may as well start at the beginning... it is a very good place to start. Other Vision was flying pretty high at the end of 2016, with the period between October-December being particularly profitable, and it looked to continue in 2017 as well with January already starting to fill up as early as November. Things were looking so positive at this point that I felt the business could sustain me personally through a rather expensive quest.... becoming a home owner. Thanks to David and Chelsea at the Haro Group, I was able to find a pretty great home in my price range and close on it on Dec. 30th, 2016 (about one month after I started looking.... yeah, they're impressive). I went straight from signing the papers a rehearsal dinner for one of my closest friends. In short, it would have been hard to imagine a better end to 2016. Then January 1st came around. As happens from time to time, a few of the jobs we thought we had booked ended