A New Direction |
Life gets stagnant, unenjoyable, depressing. For freelance artists, entrepreneurs or contractors that usually means you're doing something wrong. After all those of us who choose to wander a path of self-sufficiency do so because we value freedom over security, we value self-expression over conformity, and because we want to walk to the beat of our own drum. Well for me, that drum has been beating out of time since about the day I started Other Vision Studios. I've always been a bit of a multi-purpose artist, and even as far back as high school I knew I wanted to use my various artistic abilities to become a teller of stories. I went to college to study film because I fully believe that in film, all the arts that have every existed have some level of representation, and this superhero artistic team-up seems to me the best means to tell a story that humanity has ever come up with. Throughout college and into grad school I believed that my life would be spent telling stories,