From Atlantis to Colorado…One Man's Search for the Truth | otbtv.net
Bill Gorman has been searching for Fern's Treasure for some time but his rock photography and artistic endeavors may be revealing a deeper truth. Is Colorado a ancient garden of eden? Did Thoth's image make its way into the rocks of southern Colorado - if so, how? Additional photos on Bills site here: This is my first recording with Bill Gorman earlier in 2018. There are a number of ways to find joy in nature art and questioning our true creations wherever you are on the planet and wherever. Bill Gorman told me about his photos in the last year and what he believes he discovered. He feels that we may have stumbled upon early era Clovis Indian carvings depicting man's early origins. I leave the room open to other possibilities as well including some too speculative for most to consider. An online photograph for sale online that features a local rock monument features interesting detail when I choose to zoom in. The symbolism found on a zoom in on a rock formation seems to indicate some kind of traditional headdress featuring possibly a dragon around the third eye, a snake, a tall pharaoh or serpent hybrid among other things.