24 Sneaky Hiding Places That Will Fool Even The Smartest Thief | OnlyForU
Most likely, every single one of you reading this has stuff that you feel is valuable enough to require a hiding spot. Perhaps you inherited your grandmother's pearls and hiding it the jewelry box just isn't cutting it. Or maybe that 80-year-old Rolex should be placed somewhere other than the drawer in your bathroom. Keep reading to get some great ideas on where to hide your precious belongings, just in case you find yourself being robbed. #1. You could install a secret drawer in the windowsill. The robber would never have a clue that what they were looking for was right in the window they came through. Silly crooks. #2. This idea is absolutely ingenious. And it doesn't look like it's that hard to make. You'd never have to worry about someone looking there, unless they read this article, of course. zposner #3. A hidden compartment in a chair is the perfect hiding spot. Dinner guests would have no idea that they were literally sitting on a small fortune. in