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Jugaad - is a metaphor which in general ascribes devious and aberrant connotations to our native Indian creativity. Jugaad is a Hindi word meaning an innovative short term fix. It’s an improvised solution using ingenuity and resourcefulness, often due to very limited resources. When we talk about Jugaad innovation, we are referring to the mindset and principles that are used to make this happen. Jugaad innovation is frugal, flexible and inclusive. It’s also called gambiarra in Brazil, zizhu chuangxin in China and is most like DIY in the US. These guys don’t plan they just improvise. Boss, Koi Jugaad hai kya? Is a casual statement, almost second nature to Indians residing north of the Vindhya’s. Jugaad, is a mentality, its a mind set. It’s no longer the preserve of the hoi polloi and has inadvertently managed to trickle down to the lowest strata of our society and is therefore no longer considered perverse. In Mumbai, Jugaad is better known as Scene. Baass, koi scene hai kya? Or