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Mumbai eats to live, lives to eat and we love to live n Eat and Eat n Live! We have our own tastes, likes, dislikes n food habits, our "ughs! and our yums!" With zillions new places cropping up like mushrooms in every nukkad and corner, opening and shutting down. How does one keep up!? Even the good apps have trouble keeping up. Confusing na? Thats what we felt we set out to cover Top 5 street food places in Mumbai. What else could we begin with for our new section OCOW TOP 5 How does one come up even with a list, catering to the tongues and stomachs of Mumbai! Suddenly it was all clear, we went with the ones that catered to not only the above but the hearts too!!!! Bullseye! By now you are probably thinking, yet another Food Blogger in town or are they from the breed of Food Critics?! No No jee, Hum toh simply Mumbaikar hai bhai! We decided to ask Mumbai we know. Apne dost log, “femily peoples” apnaich jaan pehchaan vala publeeek, and asked them what they liked? What better way