OCOW Diarist Contest Winner – Fatema Savai – Unique Ways to a Cleaner Mumbai | ocow
OCOW Diarist Contest Winner LET’S CATCH THE MAN!! Whether it be the human chains that help each other from falling off a crowded local or the attached hands trying to support themselves in a rickety BEST bus, Mumbaikars have always found a way to be involved in each others live; known people and strangers alike. This very quality uniquely describes the daily life of a Mumbai citizen where living in South Bombay or North Mumbai is only separated by the amount of time you need to travel. This useful and somewhat annoying habit of our fellow city dwellers could easily be turned into an absolutely impactful job; the job of trying to clean up this gorgeous city of ours. Our city has literally gone down the dumps. Not a single street in the city is litter free. If the BMC decides to install garbage cans, chances are that they will be uprooted and stolen by no later than the very next day. These actions and attitudes have become habitual more than anything. Throwing litter on th