A Gastronomical Affair with The Bohri Kitchen | ocow
What happens when a family dreams!? And then what happens when all join hands and strive to achieve that dream!!? Sheer Magic! Each family is special and we are about to share with you a Mumbai Dream that the Kapadias dreamt and turned to reality! There is nothing more enduring than a home cooked meal or “Maa ke haath ka khaana”, we say here at OCOW! No Michelin star chef can beat that. Agree?! So, we are going to say some words and see if your mouth waters. Mutton Biryani, Dabba Ghost, Kaari Chawal! Is your mouth watering already??? Well, this is just a whiff of what lies ahead for you to read…ummmm eat! If food is your raison d’être, you like it authentic and want that ghar vali feeling, especially the non vegetarian gastronauts, simply sniff your way to Colaba ki galliyan with your friends and you will find your way to The Bohri Kitchen, lovingly called TBK. So without much ado, OCOW wants you to grab your forks and spoons (actually you probably wont need them coz we a