Mumbai- My Stage! | ocow
“Have you heard of this small village Avantipur Badodiya in Shajapur Dist. of Madhya Pradesh? 2500+ population struggling to meet ends and basic needs like power, water, roads. etc. And this is my village’s present status, you can easily imagine what it must be earlier! My father Shankarlal Vyas worked in MP Police and opted for an early retirement. I think he was too honest! He resorted to his “pooja paath” & Agriculture." "Like any kid growing up where I did, I dreamt of being a doctor but I dropped the idea when I learned about that year’s dreaded Pre Medical Test. I studied hard and got serious about my future. I always wanted to make it BIG! I won my family trust on the basis of my school results. They somehow arranged Rs. 8000/- for my yearly fees which was the highlight and talk of the the town, village actually! With this I was off to Indore to pursue a degree in computers (this time in English Medium)” We feel this is actually where Raj’s story began! So h