Mumbai loves Jams! | ocow
Mumbai, the city of dreams or that’s what everyone said when one day in September 2006 my husband decided to take up a job in Mumbai and we moved here from our home town Delhi. Living here for nearly 10 years now, it’s given us more than our fair share. How the idea came about... It was a trip to Mahabaleshwar in December last year (2014) when the strawberry season was just beginning that got us going. Mahabaleshwar is the jam and strawberry capital of Maharashtra, so we came home with tons of both and decided to make our own strawberry jam. We were amazed with the results – the flavour, the aroma, the consistency of the jam was all unbelievably good for a starting. My husband, Rajat and myself, Radhika are self-proclaimed foodies and together we experimented with a lot of fruits and recipes, and were equally happy with the results. So we decided to share it with our friends and family. All who ate our jams and tasted the unique flavours we were coming up with encouraged us to