Will Funky Hair Put Me in a Small Niche? | O Camgirl
Luna Asks: Do you know if blue/green/pink etc. hair is well accepted among clients? I don't want to be in a small niche. Ember Answers: Being a girl with pink and blue hair myself I can totally understand your question. First of all, colourful hair may actually work to your advantage. You are seen as different, as something unobtainable - kind of like a mermaid. That sounds sappy but it is true. Dying your hair a striking colour suggests that you are confident and not afraid to be seen as counter-culture. Camming is counter-culture and so you actually fit into the world of camming more than you think. You may be afraid that your funky locks make you less desirable. A lot of guests may be looking for that girl next door fantasy, something your hair does not allow them to imagine. But don't be disheartened. Camming is a world that allows all sorts of categories of girls and boys. If you find posting yourself in a certain category (e.g. glamour girls) does not