Roundteam closes down | O Camgirl
The very popular twitter auto re-tweeter used by many cam girls to get noticed on twitter is closing 20th Dec 2018. This is their statement emailed to their members: " Dear RoundTeam customer! We hate to be the bearer of the sad news, however, there is an ongoing issue with RoundTeam and we can't fix this issue fully. RoundTeam services depend heavily on Twitter API access. Recently the level of access to the Twitter API that our service has been receiving was reduced significantly. As such, we can no longer provide the same volume of retweets as we did for the past 7 years. We made a hard decision to discontinue RoundTeam services for all our subscribers. At this point, we suggest you look for a substitute service to cover your retweet activity needs. We have already canceled your subscription plan with RoundTeam in order to avoid any future charges. We thank you kindly for using RoundTeam. We genuinely enjoyed serving you, our loyal customer. We apologize for