Paxum quick out of the gate with a new card issuer. | O Camgirl
Paxums speed at getting a new card setup/issued is impressive, the company has noted a completion date of only 4 weeks from now to have its new card setup and start issuing them out to its members. The new card should have a similar pricing structure to the old card, fees can be found here. Paxums response: "Paxum Inc would like to address any concern our clients may feel after the recent news regarding Choice Bank Ltd. On April 9th 2018 Choice Bank informed its customers that it has been forced into a constrained position by the regulatory authorities. Paxum would like to reassure our customers that this is an issue between Choice Bank and its regulatory authorities directly, and it is completely unrelated to Paxum. Paxum is just a customer of Choice Bank. As a result of the news from Choice Bank we regret to inform you that Paxum cards can no longer be loaded via transfer to card. However it is important to note that any funds that currently exist on any Paxum card