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REVIEW: Naked.com a Professional and Reliable Site with a Solid Support System Reputation: 8/10 Naked.com has been live for over half a decade with ups and downs in their traffic and models. Their technology leaves a bit to be desired, but they get great feedback where it counts. Models report prompt payment, a solid support system, and a sense of community. The atmosphere among models on Naked is one of the best I've seen. Other models are quick to Tweet, promote, and interact with new Naked.com models. DylanAces writes, "I like naked.com for its daily contests and 24/7 live person support." It might be difficult for a new model though. Just glancing at the front page on Naked.com, I recognize porn stars and other well-known adult performers. "This site has a lot of porn stars, and lil ol' me is so normal," writes Naked.com model, Coco. Even so, with regularity and persistence, any model on this site can earn money and win bonuses. Most