5 Simple Steps To a Cam Space You'll Love | O Camgirl
Most self-employed individuals have some kind of space set up in their home, whether an office with a business phone and inventory, or just a desk with everything they might need within reach. This space is important for keeping organized and focused on a task. It's not much different for camgirls. Okay, as a webcam model you will need to make a few amendments to the standard "work from home" space. The purpose is the same - a well thought-out work space helps to produce good work, whatever that work might be. In this case, here are some factors to consider: Lighting You'll need to pay attention to the light in the space you plan to work from. Turn on your webcam and just check out how the lighting is, and whether you are showing up in good quality HD. If not, try some different angles - use a lamp or two, or even a window to your advantage. Getting the light right will probably take some experimenting on your part. I'll address this more