Introducing Tristan, Co-Founder of the WeCamgirls Community | O Camgirl
Tristan, 35, Netherlands Co-Founder of WeCamgirls.com How did you first come into contact with the webcam modeling industry? My first contact with the webcam industry was through a friend of mine. She was doing webcam shows in the late 90s and early 00s. She started working from a "webcam house" in Amsterdam and later she started broadcasting from home. How would you describe your background and personality? I have a background in Jurisprudence (law philosophy) and before I started working in IT I was a teacher at a Law University. Things and interests change though and when the opportunity arose I jumped at the chance and made a career switch. So now I'm out of Law and into IT with my good friend Rutger (co-founder of WeCamgirls), building all kinds of communities, review sites and other dating and webcam related websites. Doing this has been the best decision I've ever made. Having your own company and doing the things you like when you like it,