Interview: New Canadian Cam Girl, Consensual Kitten | O Camgirl
Consensual Kitten, 22, Canada Broadcasts on Camster Jonathan: Hi, this is Jonathan with O Camgirl. Today I'm joined by Consensual Kitten, a Canadian webcam model. Hey there! Kit: Hi! Jonathan: How long have you been working in the adult industry, and what drew you into it? Kit: It's actually only been a couple months. I'm very new to it. As for what drew me into it - I felt like it was almost an accident when I first started doing it. I don't even remember how I found out about camming, but it was an impulse where both me and my friend started camming together. A month or so later, I started doing it myself. Jonathan: Is the adult entertainment industry your main source of income? If not, what is? Kit: Not yet! I am planning on making it my main source of income in a couple months, hopefully this summer. But no, right now I'm working a boring retail job. Jonathan: Every job has its pros and cons. What do you love and what do