Guide to the Top 10 Cam Sites for Beginners | O Camgirl
You are here because you or someone you care about heard of a great new way to make cash from home by becoming a webcam model. So, you have decided to show your junk online. Now what? Step 1. Figure out your style of adult performance. Camming attracts all types so do not be dissuaded if you are not instantly amazing at it. Step 2. Figure out which site is right for you. There are two basic layouts to cam sites: "free" cams and pay-to-play. You may flourish on one type of platform more than the other, or find yourself doing a mix of both, depending on your personal style and what kinds of clients you attract. Step 3. Research the specific cam site before you sign up. Payout percentages aren't everything! Be aware that some websites have a reputation for daily site-wide crashes, or others may not work with your browser or flash plug-in. Be prepared to navigate the technical roadblocks. Here is a breakdown of the two major categories of streaming platforms and