Exclusive Interview with FantasyNicola, Webcam Model & Content Seller | O Camgirl
Model Name: FantasyNicola Age: 22 Location: Ohio, USA I cam on Streamate and sell clips on ManyVids. I first tried phone sex about a year ago, but started camming in August. It's going much better than phone sex did; the visual really helps. How Nicola Pays the Bills I live with my partner and she's the breadwinner for us. She works in a pharmacy. But camming is what I do to make money. I'm averaging a bit over 100 bucks a week, but I don't work as often as I could. Nicola's Personality and Interests Come Together in Camming Honestly, I'm very easily bored as a person. But I'm also quite sexual and find other people's sexuality very interesting. This sort of work keeps my interest where most simply don't. I've tried traditional jobs, but I just can't get into them. I don't want to be folding clothes or cashiering. But I do like taking off my clothes and performing. With camming, it's the perfect adult work for me because it's legal and I don't have to leave