Exclusive Interview with Ayumi Pie, Webcam Model & Webmaster | O Camgirl
Hello. My name is Ayumi, 27 years old. I am half Japanese, half Chinese and currently reside in HK whilst travelling around Asia. I currently am not working on any sites but built my own for trusted friends to use as a platform. It is a hub for shows using Skype as the software. I'll just shamelessly plug it here for you > . But for unicorns' sakes please finish reading my interview first. When and How Ayumi Started Working in the Adult Industry About 3 years ago, I was travelling with my female friend in Europe, when we met these girls at a party who had hired a male escort. After going online to investigate 'male escorts' more (you know... just out of curiosity) we discovered there were not many sites advertising for them. So I built one which later I expanded for all types of adult entertainment. It covered 49 countries and was in 28 different languages. (I recently lost the site in a data loss disaster. I cried for 3 days. It took me 3 years to