Need an Alibi? How to Choose Your Cover Story | O Camgirl
Over the last few weeks, OCamgirl has rallied against the stigma associated with working in the adult entertainment industry. And rightfully so! Sex-negative attitudes and sexist stereotypes are a major burden on anyone working in the business, and they should be challenged and conquered at every opportunity. They are bullshit but, like it or not, they exist. Not everyone's situation is the same. What about people who can't challenge the ones who would judge them? Or aren't in the position to make their careers public? We have our freedom, of course, and it's always going to be a choice. But that doesn't mean the right choice for every person is going to be the same. Today I want to talk about the people who still need an alibi and offer some suggestions for a good cover story. Who Needs an Alibi? A couple situations that might warrant a cover story: You have young children. This is probably the most common reason you might keep your work on the