Are You An Ad? How To Regain Your Privacy | O Camgirl
Damn, I Gave My Pictures/Videos to the Site. Do They Own Me? One of the issues that arise for webcam performers is that the performers are stuck with a particular site and subject to an over-bearing contract, with seeming limited options and a possible fear that nothing will improve. To make matters worse, the website may be using the model's image for advertising or marketing the site to prospective viewers/users, claiming that the model is an active part of the site –how many times has a model found photos or videos proudly displayed on a website or the multitudes of websites that are used to lure users into a site, despite the fact that the performer is no longer actively participating in the site. (Cat recently told me about sites that capture performances, without the performer's express permission, and use those captures to post on other sites to attract prospective viewers.) It kind of sucks, right? But you are stuck, right? Maybe not. The Contract (Why