7 Signs You Should Pack Your Webcam and Travel | O Camgirl
You already have a luxury most people don't have: you're location independent! You love travel, have a flexible schedule, and crave to explore the world. Here are 7 signs you should pack your webcam and go travelling. 1. You've secured stable income or savings. It's not to say that we should absolutely go the secure way (I traveled first and, once I ran out of money, began webcamming), but it is a plus and a huge de-stresser in the case something goes wrong...or right - weak internet, injury, lack of privacy, absorbing a new setting, camping through the Inca Trail, etc. Since privacy is a must, we of course have to dish out a bit more money to secure just the right spot to experience the local life and continue our work comfortably. Often times, we will be in countries where the dollar goes a long way and we end up saving more money than back home! If you're already paying that ridiculous rent in Miami or New York, you'll manage anywhere! Except Switzerland or